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Capturing the perfect portrait is a science of art!  We use only the best in digital still cameras to present you in what we call "environmental portraits."  These are portraits that capture your personality and soul and represent you in specific areas of your life.  We are very proud of our portrait work and enjoy bringing you to life on the printed page.

With our portraiture services, we can also offer archival printing and framing.  What good is the perfect portrait if it can't be enjoyed for generations to come?  We meticulously print and frame your portrait to exacting specifications to make sure that you don't just get a nice picture, but a family heirloom.  Our printers are rated for color fastness of at least 60 years (some up to 120+ years on special papers) and our frames are hand assembled from the finest materials in our shop.

We also have a special photography service, the "Paparazzi Service," for the photography of your special person or event.  We will attend your function (retirement party, show, birthday party, etc) for 2 hours and shoot tons of pictures.  Then, we give you the CD to print them yourself!  For only $200, we can provide you memories of a lifetime of that special person who deserves to be royalty for a day!

Call us today to set up an appointment to see our portfolio.  We are "capturing the Art of Life."